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5 Simple At-Home Workouts For Extreme Fat Loss

Going to the gym is not possible for everyone. For the reason that most of the times it is inconvenient for people with job pressure and social engagements. But, who says you cannot workout at home. A guide to "5 Simple At-Home Workouts For Extreme Fat Loss" is all you need. A 30 minutes workout window is enough to stay fit and burn fat at home.

To get started for this regimen you need to have some equipment. These equipment are going to help speed up the process of fat loss at home.

What Equipment are we talking about?

If you are not going to the gym, why not invest in 3 things. It will cost not more than a month of a gym membership. Even more, it will serve you for many years to come.

Basic Equipment:

Skipping/Jump Rope :

 It should have proper handles with grip. When you are sweaty, your hands could get wet and you could lose your skipping rope.

Buy a skipping rope which is adjustable. A 10-foot skipping rope is adequate for a 6 foot 6 inches tall person. If you are shor…

How Does Excess Sugar Affect Your Body

Sugar is very much an integral part of our daily diet. Most of us take sugar in our morning tea or coffee. It is one of the major constituents in the packaged processed food we love dearly. Excess sugar is consumed every day, without the knowledge of, "How Does Excess Sugar Affect Your Body?"

We are so oblivious that we keep harming our bodies daily. It is now time that we learn to care for our bodies.

How Does Excess Sugar Affect Your Body - In Bullet Points

Increase in risk of DiabetesMay Increase The Risk Of CancerIncreasing body fatSkin problems and ageingFrequent hunger Mood DisordersIncrease in teeth problemsAddiction of Sugar

Increase In Risk Of Diabetes

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When you ingest sugar in any form, it travels through your oesophagus into the stomach, leading into the intestine. During the process, sugar breaks down into glucose and later, gets absorbed into the bloodstream. This glucose is required by all the body cells to function well.

When glucose enter…

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

How to lose belly fat fast has been one of the popular questions asked. Many of us have been struggling for a long time. People have been changing their methods because they did not get visible results under a period. On the other hand, others did not know how to go about their program. 

Today, I am going to tell you all about, “How To Lose Belly Fat Fast”, emphasising on the best compound exercises.

Now, before we dig deep down into the matter, we have to know a few things.

5 Important Facts To Follow To Lose Belly Fat Fast

1) You cannot target belly fat. 2) Inclusion of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises gives best results.3) Exercise does not necessarily cut the body fat alone. 4) Losing body fat and losing weight is not the same thing.5) Maintaining that slim body is the maintenance of a lifestyle.

1. You Cannot Target Belly Fat

Yes, I am talking about spot reduction. The theory, suggests, belly fat reduction is possible by a repetitive ab workout. There have been claims on succ…