Reasons Why People Think They Don't Need Exercise

With the advancement in technology through the ages and the revolution in industrialization, we have come far. But, with every step we have come forward in various fields, we have also set ourselves a few steps backwards. Such one field is physical exercise. Although being aware of everything, the reasons why people think they don’t need exercise, are numerous.

We used to be fit and not think about doing exercise because we did not have that many machines which made our work easy.

The more comfortable our work got, the more we lacked physical activity.

Some people confess to the fact that they lack in physical
activity, but, many think they do not require exercise at all.

It is hard to convince people to exercise.

Read through if you are concerned about your well-being.

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History Of Physical Activity

Reasons Why People Think They Don't Need Exercise

Why should I exercise, I am skinny?

I don’t have time for exercise

I am too old to exercise

The Weight I’ve gained will only take 4 weeks to lose, I will start later

Exercising will cause pain, I'm fine the way I am

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What is the healthy BMI for males and females?


History Of Physical Activity

A long time ago, our ancestors were hunters and gatherers. During those times, people were hard workers due to the reason that it was very tough to survive.

Protection from predators like lions, tigers, and gathering food was the primary concern which was very difficult.

No place was safe, and people used to live like nomads. So, exercise was no requirement, as vigorous physical activity was daily life.

Later on, when the people learned to build a fire, cultivated crops and domesticated animals, life was a little easier.

But, to maintain that lifestyle, it still took effort on the physical side.

During the ages, tools were invented, colonies cropped up, and the industrial revolution brought all-round development. Life became more prosperous.

The output for a little labour was more significant than ever before.

Now, in the age of information technology and robots, the number of people, not having to give physical effort has risen.

Maximum things are just done by a few clicks on a mobile phone. Everything is delivered at the doorstep, whether it is a service or a product. Hence, today’s advancement has led to a decrease in body functions and increased health problems.

Looking into the matter of physical activity, the following are some reasons why people think they don't need exercise:

Reasons Why People Think They Don't Need Exercise:

No.1) Why should I exercise, I am skinny?

There are a lot of people having the assumption that fat people should exercise only. Their criteria for staying fit is staying slim.

By the way, they do not do anything to stay slim. They are thin because their lifestyles are in such a way that they do not become fat. Or, on the other hand, they might have higher metabolism due to genetics.

 In many cases, it is their eating disorder which makes hem skinny. If you have a BMI below 18.5, then you are underweight.

If you are underweight, you might not be getting enough nutrients from your diet.

Lack of nutrition leads to deterioration in skin, hair, and bones. Frequent illness and high recuperation time for injuries dominate the body. Cell repair and cell building are at their lowest levels.

Physically you are less energetic and get tired quickly. Consuming less food means you have fewer calories in your body, which makes you feel tired all the time.

In women, irregular periods or absence in menstruation can be a result of an eating disorder. As a result, these women tend to be infertile. Sometimes premature babies might be born to these women.

Apart from the above, abnormal growth due to the lack of nutrient may show low physical developments.

Well, now you might have this in mind if a person is skinny, should he or she exercise? Shouldn’t they eat first? True, the first thing they need to take care of, is their diet and then comes the exercise part.

For thin individuals, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice for better health. Since underweight people are weak and cannot handle much strain, they need the doctor’s guide for exercise.

Reasons Why People Think They Don't Need Exercise:

No.2) I Don’t Have Time For Exercise

The majority of the people have, a common excuse, they don’t have time for exercise. Well, these people know that this is not true. It is just a lame excuse for avoiding that physical grind.

Those people who are busy with their jobs and lead a stressful life can benefit from exercise.

Stress is bad for health because it can diminish your lifespan, lead to various illness, and alter your life emotionally. Regular exercise will not only improve your health but increase your output in your work with less effort.

If you can invest as little as 10 to 20 minutes daily, your life is going to improve.

You can join a gym, if you can’t, exercise at home, if you spend most of the time in your office, you can still exercise free hand at your office.

You can also adopt healthy options in your life, like take a bicycle to your office, walking up the stairs, taking up a sport or dance classes also.

Reasons Why People Think They Don't Need Exercise:

No.3) I'm Too Old To Exercise

Nobody is ever too old to exercise. It might only be the intensity of exercise that may change with age.

As we age, or bodies grow old and frail, and slowly we perish. But, people who exercise live better and with dignity.

A lot of people exercise in their old age. We have heard, and we have seen people in their 70’s and 80’s spending their time at the gym and people running half marathons at the age of 100.
Sam Bryant 72 years old, Chet Yorton 71 years old, Jeffrey Life 76 years old Andreas Kahling 62 are some of the well-known men who are into bodybuilding.

Some of the renowned women who are into fitness, and might shame you are Ernestine Shepherds, Betty White, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Helen Mirren, and Cher. One of the notable world records breakers is Fauja Singh who ran marathons till the age of 101 yrs.

Reasons Why People Think They Don't Need Exercise:

No.4) The Weight I’ve Gained Will Only Take 4 Weeks To Lose, I Will Start Later

These are the kind of people who only make excuses for not being able to exercise and say they will start later, but they never start. As a result, they only keep gaining weight day after day.

You should stop making excuses and start exercising. Tomorrow becomes day after tomorrow until the tomorrow fades away into eternity.

You only need to tackle one day at a time. Accomplish one day and prepare for the next. The sooner you will start, the faster you are going to get fit and healthier longer life.

Reasons Why People Think They Don't Need Exercise:

No.5) Exercising Will Cause Pain, I’m Fine The Way I Am

Many people are afraid of the initial pain, the muscle soreness that they might have to experience.

Exercise may cause pain, and due to it, they do not want to exercise anymore.

This kind of mindset drives them away from exercise. People tend to think that exercise should not be a part of their lives.

But this is not true.

As exercise is not a part of their lifestyle, they are physically unable to perform exceeding their sedentary life.

Physical activity will make them agile and improve their physical capability and help them lead a better life.

Additional Info:

What is the healthy BMI for males and females?

BMI or Body Mass Index is calculated in accordance with individual height and weight. Normally BMI for people below 20 years of age is different because it is the duration when the body undergoes development but, above 20 years the healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9

If BMI is below 18.5 is underweight, 25 to 29 is overweight, 30 to 39 is obese and above 40 is extremely obese.

BMI is the mass of the body divided by the square of the height.

BMI = kg/m2 

RELATED: Calculate your BMI here

Why is exercise important?

Exclusively speaking about exercise, it is necessary for a long and healthy life. Physical training makes life better by reducing physical strain and emotional stress.

Strengthening muscles and bones, reducing body fat and keeping a healthy heart are some of the advantages of exercise on the physical side.

Being physically active also improves the immunity system of our bodies and reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer.

By including exercise in your lifestyle, you can perform anything better and faster. You will feel energetic and confident about yourself. You will feel less tired, and it also reduces fatigue.

As you exercise, due to more oxygen in your system, the brain performs better. It improves your memory, makes you sharp and takes better decisions.

Improvement in the overall body functions will make you younger, as your cells repair and build better.

Increase in physical activity also supports longevity. People with long lives are the ones who had been exercising throughout most of their lives.

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In this world, we want to accomplish many things and enjoy our lives. But, we neglect the main thing which keeps us in this heavenly earth and enables us to experience things, which is our bodies. It is imperative to take care of our bodies and not abuse it as we like.

We should lead a healthy lifestyle, and include exercise, a healthy diet and proper sleep as well. As a famous saying goes, “Health is wealth”.

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